There May Be A Castle

Video Designer

Little Angel Theatre

November 2021

Director - Samantha Lane

Composer - Barb Jungr

Designer - Ellie Mills

Lighting Designer - Sherry Coenen

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The Guardian

After working with Nina during Extinct, she very kindly referred me to the Little Angel Theatre to work on their christmas production, There May Be A Castle. I was so excited to put all I had learnt working with her into my process during this project.


When I was first approached about the project the director, Sam, and I first discussed the use of video game graphics as our visual language, however once our set designer Ellie came back with her design, I quickly came to the conclusion the initial 8 bit idea Sam and I had had wouldn’t be complimentary to the scenic style. Nevertheless, in rehearsals I continued to mood board for our visual language, including the 8 bit style alongside another idea I had which was based off the artwork of stacking cut paper to create landscapes. When talking it over with Sam and Ellie, we decided on the paper stack effect and Ellie actually mentioned she looked at similar photos at the start of her process of designing the set.














This was exciting for me as I could finally put my digital drawing skills into action. During the pandemic, I had decided to start drawing on my iPad, as I thought it would be a very useful skill to add to my repertoire for video design. I quickly created the storyboard using the skills I learnt from working with Nina and started mocking up some quick base graphics in Procreate to show to Sam and other creatives. 


I think my largest challenge for this production was creating the Pink Knight, our villain who chases Mouse throughout the play. The pink knight was not a physical character, he was only portrayed via projection so, for his scene, the stage was entirely empty apart from my projection, a type of cue I had never done before. I always strive to make my design work seamlessly with other design elements, and so usually the point of focus is on the actor with my design enhancing their performance, not the audiences whole attention on my work alone. I am very happy with the final design, our Pink Knight being faceless with a deep purple emptiness behind his helmet, beating his halberd menacingly in time with the music. I am quite proud that my Pink Knight has caused a few scared tears  — after all that was the purpose of the scene!


Production Shots - Ellie Kurtz Photography