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Video Designer

PATS Studio

November 2020

Director - Simon Anderson

Lighting Designer- Mig Walsh

Sound Designer- Helen Roberts

Follow this link to watch the online event:

The second show I did for GSA’s Covid compliance project was Cenotaph. This production was an immersive theatre experience where a theatre came alive after being derelict for years, in a future world where Covid had led to permanent closure of all theatres. It was my first immersive ‘promenade’ show and also the first time I faced the challenge of designing for cameras, and viewing the design through a lens rather than the human eye.


This was really interesting to me, as I had worked with cameras before but didn’t realise how much editing it would take for the design to read well on camera versus how we all saw it it the room. This experience became really helpful, as the next year I was involved with Titanic as programmer, working with video designer Leah Sams who was working remotely. I had to make judgement calls on her behalf to ensure that her work was represented correctly for the 4 cameras we had filming the musical. 


Due to covid restrictions, it was more of a sourcing project as I was unable to go out and record my own content. This really helped me compile a list of trusted websites I could turn to when I was in need of sourced material.


Another new experience I had on this project was heading up a shoot, where I had to direct the actors to get the footage we needed. This was particularly needed for the scene which was shot as point of view from a laptop, which you could see a man working on all day. We needed to ensure his eye line was accurate and his movements were regular to a fault to ensure it was realistic for the final effect. I am so happy with the final outcome and it was one of my favourite cues from the show, especially the part where he is playing a VR- video game, I think it was very effective.